Bank Price Study

The Bank Price Study will not be conducted in 2021.
Blue Book Compensation Review  

The Bank Price Study is Phoenix-Hecht's annual study of bank service fees. Each year, we collect account analysis summary statements from corporations with over $20 million in revenue to analyze the pricing at individual banks. Bank pricing can be complicated. We understand. We have been analyzing bank pricing for over 30 years.

You can be assured that Phoenix-Hecht adheres to strict confidentially standards. No individual company information is identified as part of this study. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase any Phoenix-Hecht product.

The Bank Price Study produces two publications:

  1. The Blue Book Compensation Review™ (BCR) is a free individualized analysis of bank service fees for those companies submitting statements during the February-March Bank Price Study. The BCR provides insight into how your overall treasury management pricing compares to that of similar companies. More Information
  2. The Blue Book of Bank Prices® ($495) provides pricing guidance for BCR recipients. It analyzes the influence of volume on the prices paid for services. The Blue Book is only available to companies submitting statements for the Bank Price Study. More Information
Study Timeline:
  • February - March: Account Analysis Statements Accepted for inclusion in the Bank Price Study
  • April - May: Analysis of statements
  • June: Blue Book Compensation Reviews (BCR) delivered to participating companies
  • July: The Blue Book of Bank Prices Published
For all additional questions,
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Frequently Asked Questions:

The benefits of continued participation include:
  • The Blue Book Compensation Review™ (BCR), an individualized analysis comparing your pricing to other companies
  • The ability to annually track your bank fees against up-to-date market pricing
  • The knowledge that you are contributing to a robust pricing database benefiting you and your peers
  • Eligibility to purchase our Blue Book of Bank Prices (No purchase is required to receive the BCR)
Absolutely, your information will be confidential and secure.
Security: Participant information and statements are collected via a dedicated secure website. This site can only be accessed via unique links assigned to individual participants.

Confidentiality: Phoenix-Hecht adheres to a policy of strict confidentiality. We will never sell your contact information. No individual company information is identified as a part of the Bank Price Study.
Participating is easy.
  • We will send you a secure customized link via email or letter to upload your statement file(s).
  • Confirm your contact information for delivery purposes.
  • Answer a few quick demographic questions to enable us to best “group” your company for comparison.
  • Upload your statement file(s). We only accept PDF files in the Bank’s original published format.
In this case, send us the pages that contain the relationship summary for this bank. We can only analyze one statement for each of your banks. You can send us statements for up to 10 banking relationships.
Unfortunately, no. We accept statements for analysis only during our pricing study collection period, usually mid-February through March.
Unfortunately, no. We accept statements for the largest providers of treasury management. We can produce a Blue Book Compensation Review for 26 of the largest domestic treasury management banks.
They are:
  1. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  2. BB&T
  3. BBVA Compass Bank
  4. BMO Harris Bank
  5. BNY Mellon
  6. BOK Financial (Bank of Oklahoma)
  7. Capital One Bank
  8. Citibank
  9. Citizens Bank
  10. Comerica
  11. Commerce Bancshares K.C.
  12. Fifth Third
  13. First Tennessee
  14. Huntington
  15. JPMorgan Chase
  16. KeyBank
  17. M & T Bank
  18. MUFG Union Bank
  19. Northern Trust
  20. PNC Bank
  21. Regions Bank
  22. SunTrust
  23. TD Bank
  24. UMB Banks
  25. US Bank
  26. Wells Fargo

We find we do not recieve enough statements from those banks not on the list to conduct a reliable analysis.