The Blue Book of Bank Prices®

We've made the difficult decision to suspend the Bank Price Study indefinitely at this time.

The Blue Book of Bank Prices® is the only publication based on analysis of actual prices paid within the treasury management industry. It specifically examines the most frequently observed service line items from the largest providers of treasury management services, analyzing the influence of volume on the prices paid for services. The Blue Book reports excepted prices for Tier 1 (the largest providers) and Tier 2 (the regional and super-regional) banks for various volumes. 

Examining prices taken directly from account analysis statements, The Blue Book of Bank Prices® presents pricing information in a clear format. The publication reports expected prices, determined by regression analysis, for bank services at different volume levels. Nearly 3,000 service descriptions from banks are used to generate the fee data for over 100 services published in the Blue Book.

Analyzed Services include:

  • General Account Services
  • Wholesale Lockbox Services
  • Depository Services
  • Paper Disbursement Services
  • Paper Disbursement Reconciliation Services
  • General ACH Services
  • Wire and Other Funds Transfer Services
  • Coin and Currency
  • Information Services