Terms of Agreement for Use of Phoenix-Hecht Performance Measurements

By registering to receive Phoenix-Hecht performance measurements, you agree to be bound by the following terms of agreement. The information and data contained in the Phoenix-Hecht Reports, which may include the Postal Survey, Retail Mail Analysis, and Collection Model are the sole and exclusive property of Phoenix-Hecht and are supplied for use only by registered and authorized personnel. No portion of such information or data may be copied, supplied, published or released to any other person or business entity without the prior written consent of Phoenix-Hecht.

In no event shall Phoenix-Hecht or UAI Technology, Inc. be liable for loss of profit or other economic loss, indirect, special, consequential or other similar damages arising out of the use of any Phoenix-Hecht data as part of this agreement.

The name "Phoenix-Hecht" or reference to the results of any Survey or data may not be used in any paid advertising in support of a particular product, service or organization.