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About Phoenix-Hecht®
As one of the nation's foremost providers of market intelligence and education for the financial services industry, Phoenix-Hecht has responded to the needs of its clients for over 40 years with market research, information products, executive education, and computer software. The nations premier banking and integrated financial services providers gain value from Phoenix-Hecht resources.

Information Advantage
Phoenix-Hecht believes that during periods of rapid change, one resource always rises in value - information. This has been our experience with financial services, especially if the information gives providers a competitive advantage.

We have built a reputation by collecting precisely the kind of information that gives a competitive advantage, comes from sources that can be systematically refreshed and can be used to:  segment customers by specific needs, ascertain market share, measure service quality, or determine pricing patterns.

Information Application
Phoenix-Hecht is involved in the creation of a number of databases specific to the financial services industry. Its Postal Survey™ and Payables Performance Tracker™ are banking industry standard performance measurement databases for both incoming and outgoing corporate payment systems. The Treasury Management Monitor™, conducted each year, includes the Quality Index™ which provides individual bank quality ratings for numerous treasury management products. The Blue Book of Bank Prices® is the only available resource on actual bank prices paid developed with the cooperation of more than 750 large companies.

Phoenix-Hecht Products

Information Exchange
Phoenix-Hecht believes it must understand customer needs to successfully design, build and market products on which its business depends. Executive education and conferences have provided a key channel for getting close to customers and their customers in a non-threatening environment. Acting as conference organizer for one of the top business schools in the country, Phoenix-Hecht educational programs include a renowned series of treasury management seminars that have been offered for over 40 years.

Information, whether exchanged at an educational conference or through a database product, is the core of Phoenix-Hecht's business. Our commitment is to provide clients with the resources they need to positively impact their own customer relationships and ultimately their profits.

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