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As one of the nation's foremost providers of market intelligence and education for the financial services industry, Phoenix-Hecht has responded to the needs of its clients for over 50 years with market research, information products, executive education, and computer software.

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Information Advantage

Phoenix-Hecht believes that during periods of rapid change, one resource always rises in value - information. We have built a reputation by collecting precisely the kind of information that gives a competitive advantage, comes from sources that can be systematically refreshed and can be used to:  segment customers by specific needs, ascertain market share, measure service quality, or determine pricing patterns.

Information Application

Phoenix-Hecht is involved in the creation of a number of databases specific to the financial services industry. Its Postal Survey™ is a banking industry standard performance measurement database for both incoming consumer and corporate payments. The Treasury Management Monitor™, conducted each year, includes the Quality Index™ which provides individual bank quality ratings for numerous treasury management products. The Blue Book of Bank Prices® is the only available resource on actual bank prices paid, developed with the cooperation of more than 750 large companies.

Information Exchange

Executive education and conferences provide a key channel for getting to know customers (and their customers) in a relaxed environment. Acting as conference organizer for one of the top business schools in the country, Phoenix-Hecht educational programs include a renowned series of treasury management seminars that have been offered for over 40 years.

Information, whether exchanged at an educational conference or through a database product, is the core of Phoenix-Hecht's business. Our commitment is to provide clients with the resources they need to positively impact their own customer relationships and ultimately their profits.

Kimberly George
Survey Manager

Bank Price Study & Treasury Management Monitor™

Nikki Jackson
Survey Manager

Bank Price Study & Treasury Management Monitor™

Katrina Moore
Survey Manager

The Postal Survey™

Lex Litton
Senior Vice President


David A. Bochnovic
Executive Vice President

Industry Insight

James G. Brunnquell
Senior Vice President

Account Executive