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The following list includes many (but not all) of the individuals and firms which perform consulting in the treasury management area. Phoenix-Hecht provides this list for informational purposes.

- denotes licensee of The Phoenix-Hecht Collection Model

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Alan West Group
Don A. Resler

630.588.0774     don.resler@alanwestgroup.com

Alan West Group helps clients address remittance collection float issues. With more than 25 years of float modeling experience using the Phoenix-Hecht Collection Model we have the insight to design and execute a remittance float study tailored to your situation. Former clients include large-corporate, middle-market and government entities. Alan West Group is an affiliate of Treasury Alliance Group LLC.
  Allman-Ward Associates
Michelle A. Allman-Ward

213.680.7742     Allmanward@cs.com

Established in 1996 by Michele Allman-Ward, the company specializes in strategic planning, product development, training, team building and market research with particular emphasis on international treasury management. Allman-Ward Associates maintains alliances with other respected companies for larger engagements or those requiring a unique expertise.
Michael J. Alfonsi

610.329.7980     michael@analyticresults.com

AnalyticResults is the premier resource for creating, or enhancing, efficiency and effectiveness in business processes. Believing that all improvement begins with assessment and measurement, AnalyticResults maintains an extensive, quantitative, financial best practices and benchmarking database, and uses those measurements and data to design and implement fact-based programs for people, processes and technology in order for clients to capture immediate results. Engagements range from the overall management effectiveness to particular areas such as financial processes, working capital management, bank relationship management, outsourcing evaluations, and shared service center establishment.
Bank of America
Rachel Davis Crane

980.386.7813     rachel.d.crane@bankofamerica.com
Bank of New York Mellon
Dan Steuernagel

412.234.9519     daniel.steuernagel@bnymellon.com

BNY Mellon, as the first bank to develop a lockbox location model, has been performing collection studies for more than 30 years. In 1980, we licensed the optimization model, along with the Postal Survey and Availability database, from Phoenix-Hecht. Among the members of the Lockbox Product Management Team, nearly 100 years of cash management is represented. This breadth of experience means that you will receive realistic, achievable recommendations.
  BayBerry Associates
Allen S. Bomes
203.259.0497     bomesa@worldnet.att.net
BMO Harris Bank
Tressa Masterson

312.461.2811     tressa.masterson@harrisbank.com
  Cash Management Resources
Leslie N. Masonson, CCM

845.783.1313     masonson@optonline.net

Cash Management Resources, a cash management consulting firm founded in 1987, provides corporations, non-profits, hospitals, and financial institutions with in-depth treasury management consulting services. This includes treasury management reviews, requests for proposal, and back-office operational reviews.
David O'Brien, CTP

214.695.3051     d.obrien@eetreasury.com

David is a consultant in Treasury with expertise in the development of Best Practice Solution Sets for client challenges in: global cash management, cash forecasting, foreign exchange, working capital, debt, investments and the technical aspects of Treasury such as Treasury Work Stations and SWIFT Net pipelines.
Ernst & Young
Alan Zimmerman

816.480.5317     alan.zimmerman@ey.com
  FTP Consulting Services, Inc
Stephen McNair


FTP has been providing training, operations, and technical consulting services to the remittance, payment and document processing industry since 1986.
  Greenwich Treasury Advisors
Jeffrey Wallace

630.566.9119      gta@greenwichtreasury.com

Since 1992, Greenwich Treasury Advisors has provided treasury management consulting to over 300 clients, ranging from Global Fortune 10 multinationals to private middle market companies. Our services include structuring and restructuring treasuries, FAS 133-effective hedging of foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity risks, global cash management processes, and improving foreign unit treasury operations.
  Hoyt Treasury Services, LLC
Dennis Hoyt   President

616-656-7770     DHoyt@HoytTreasury.com

Hoyt Treasury Services is your "treasurer for hire," allowing you to outsource your treasury and financial projects to an expert. HTS provides you the opportunity to better leverage your own financial staff, and benefit through improved project quality and greater savings.
  International Consulting, Inc.
Mr. Gregory P. Schratwieser

800.729.8237     greg@ici-consulting.com
  LedgewoodAdvisory Group
Keith Bergman, Managing Director
917-853-3220      keith.bergman@ledgewoodgroup.com

“Bridging the Gap between Business and Technology”
Ledgewood Advisory Group has been helping clients internationally with treasury management system selection and implementation. In addition, we have been providing advice to multinational corporations and system vendor in the areas of cash management and hedge accounting for both US GAAP ASC 815 and IFRS 9.
  NL Russell Associates
Nancy Russell

617.247.2664     info@nlrussellassociates.com
PNC Bank
David W. Temme

215.585.8968     david.temme@pnc.com
  Protiviti, Inc.
Robert T. Mayer

617.330.4814     robert.mayer@protiviti.com

Protiviti® Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Half International Inc., is a leading provider of independent internal audit and business and technology risk consulting services. The firm helps clients identify, measure, and manage operational and technology-related risks they face within their industries and throughout their systems and processes. Protiviti also offers a full spectrum of internal audit services, technologies, and skills for business risk management and the continual transformation of internal audit functions. Protiviti is a recognized leader in working with public and private companies on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts.
  RSM McGladrey, Inc.
Robert S. Jaffe

212.372.1324     JRobert.Jaffe@rsmi.com

Specializing for more than 25 years working with the Fortune 500 in Vendor Payment Optimization™; Comprehensive profit improvement analysis of treasury management systems; Requests for proposals for banking services; Unraveling bank account analysis charges; Lockbox and disbursement studies; Accounts receivable and deduction follow-up systems.
  Strategic Treasurer, LLC
Craig A. Jeffery

678.466.2220      info@strategictreasurer.com

Strategic Treasurer is widely recognized and highly respected as the leading provider of advice and implementation assistance in treasury and risk management technologies.
Their seasoned treasury consultants create an effective alliance as they work alongside financial executives in treasury, finance, and other related areas within various entities in four primary areas: Treasury Management, Working Capital Management, Financial Risk Management, and Treasury Technology.
  TreaSolution, Inc.
Daniel J. Carmody, President

773.209.2094      dan@treasolution.com

TreaSolution is a specialized financial consulting firm. It is our goal to make your treasury department more efficient and to do this at minimal cost to you. We are located in Chicago, Illinois and provide a wide variety of services to companies that wish to expand or improve their treasury functions. Our consultants specialize in treasury technology, bank relationships, disaster recovery, IT implementation, Project Management, RFP processing and treasury education.
  Treasury Alliance Group LLC
Daniel L. Blumen

630.717.9732     info@treasuryalliance.com

Treasury Alliance Group serves corporations, financial institutions and government agencies with a focus on the key responsibilities of cash and working capital management, payments systems, financial and commodity risk management, treasury organization and strategy and treasury technology. The partners have more than 250 years of experience in finance and treasury gathered during the course of more than 450 consulting engagements. Projects range from payments strategy development to global treasury design using our current, on-the-ground experience in Europe, Asia/Pacific, and the Americas. We invite you to profit from our experience.

Recent white papers from Treasury Alliance on the RFP process, Treasurer's Guide To Treasury Systems, Cashflow Forecasting and pooling are available on line.


Treasury Information Services
Ken Parkinson
Joyce Ochs
609.466.2300 information@tisconsulting.com

Treasury Information Services works with companies of all sizes, colleges and universities, and not-for-profit organizations to help our clients make their treasury operations more efficient and maximize the effectiveness of their working capital. We offer customized help with request-for-proposal projects, bank service charge reviews, treasury audits, and offer executive coaching for negotiating with service providers.

  Treasury Strategies, A Division of Novantas, Inc.
Tony Carfang

312.443.0840     tony_carfang@treasurystrat.com

Treasury Strategies invests in its clients in order to provide high value advisory services in the area of payment systems and short-term liquidity management.
  Walls & Associates
Sue A. Walls
803.356.1499    SAWalls@WallsandAssociates.com

Walls & Associates Consulting is a multi-faceted financial and management consulting firm offering the following primary services:
  • project management and implementation resources for system selection and conversion efforts
  • process flow analysis and reengineering for accounting, cash management and treasury operations
  • temporary replacement professionals for key financial management positions during leaves of absence, candidate recruitment efforts, or other unforeseen circumstances
  • policy and procedure development training
Sander Van Tol
+31(0)35 6928989     s.van.tol@zanders.nl

Zanders is an independent firm founded in 1994 to provide consultancy services across the total spectrum of Treasury & Finance for multinationals, large corporate and middle market companies.