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  David A. Bochnovic

Dave Bochnovic

David A. Bochnovic is an Executive Vice President of Phoenix-Hecht. Phoenix-Hecht, located in Research Triangle Park, NC is best known for its database and research products such as the Postal Survey™, The Payables Performance Tracker™, Quality Index™, and The Blue Book of Bank Pricing®; and its widely used software, The Collection Model™. Mr. Bochnovic's responsibilities include the management of the sales, marketing, product development, education and customer service efforts. He also supervises the firm's advisory, research and consulting efforts for its national banking clients. Mr. Bochnovic is one of the nation's most highly regarded experts on corporate treasury management practices and trends, specializing in bank service quality, collection and disbursement system design, and the marketing and pricing of treasury management products .

Mr. Bochnovic is editor and publisher of Measuring Monitoring and Modeling- a guide to your lockbox. He is also a contributing author to The Corporate Treasury Management Manual and The Corporate Cash Management Handbook.

Mr. Bochnovic has been a speaker at numerous cash and treasury management seminars and conferences and often speaks on a variety of topics at financial industry conferences.

Prior to joining Phoenix-Hecht in 1984, Mr. Bochnovic was with Northern Trust Company in Chicago as a corporate consultant, assisting Fortune 500 firms with technical design and development of cash management and financial control systems. His bank experience also includes pension trust administration. Mr. Bochnovic is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago.

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