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  Lex Litton

Lex Litton

Lex Litton is Senior Vice President of Phoenix-Hecht. He has operational responsibility for all float-based collection and disbursement products, the Blue Book bank pricing data, and the Treasury Management Monitor market research. His group produces and provides customer support and training for the industry standard collection and disbursement products including the Postal Survey™, the Payables Performance Tracker™, and the Collection Model. With over 35 years experience at Phoenix-Hecht, Mr. Litton has gained very specialized knowledge of the United States Postal Service operations, Federal Reserve and private bank availability offerings, the U.S. payment and clearing system processes, and private bank pricing. He is best known to bank Treasury Management personnel for providing technical advice in the appropriate use of Phoenix-Hecht products for lockbox operations and studies.

Mr. Litton serves as Industry Co-Chair of the Remittance Mail Advisory Committee which assists the U.S. Postal Service in identifying service improvement opportunities for recipients of remittance mail.

Mr. Litton's speaking engagements, though usually associated with the technical application of Phoenix-Hecht products to solve problems in the collection or disbursement arena, include the Association of Financial Professionals' national and regional conferences, The National Postal Forum, The Institute of Financial Operation's national conference, and various industry user group meetings. He holds a B.S. in mathematics, with distinction, from Virginia Tech.

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