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Retail Mail Analysis

The Phoenix-Hecht Retail Mail Analysis™ is designed to accurately depict float in retail remittance processing centers. You can request performance results for specific retail processors.

The Retail Mail Analysis™ uses actual mail time observations in a semi-annual study conducted by Phoenix-Hecht. Over 250,000 items are mailed from the 170 largest population centers in the country to major lockbox processing centers to calculate the mail time matrix.

In addition to mail times, the Retail Mail Analysis™ incorporates multiple processing assumptions integrated with the expected funds availability. The processing assumption establishes which availability deadlines will be met once the mail is received and compensates for capacity constraints. Deposit deadlines having the most impact on availability of funds include the local clearinghouse, direct sends to other Federal Reserve districts and on-us items. The Retail Mail Analysis™ report assumes all checks are drawn on banks local to their sending point.

Key features of the Retail Mail Analysis™:

  • Measures mail times from 170 originating points into all surveyed remittance processing centers.
  • Presents realistic float times representing various processing structures characteristic of retail environments.
  • Illuminates how each of four different processing assumptions impacts float.
  • · Integrates ledger credit deadlines with mail arrival patterns and availability deadlines.

The Retail Mail Analysis™ is also available as an optional database for the Phoenix-Hecht Collection Model™. The retail data utilized with the Collection Model™ provides a highly accurate calculation and comparison of total float for both the current and any potential processing alternatives being considered.