Phoenix-Hecht's Publications

The Publications section of contains reports and white papers. The material is copyrighted and is available for your personal use and is not to be reproduced without express written permission. The publications are available as viewable PDF files, which you can read using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Measuring Modeling and Monitoring Your Lockbox
An in-depth discussion of how mail moves through the postal system, how mail times and availabilities are measured by Phoenix-Hecht, how to recognize the need for a lockbox study, how to approach doing a lockbox study, and how to monitor your lockbox performance.
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Pricing Determinants White Paper
An explanation of the factors that can affect prices charged by banks to corporations for cash management services, based on data from The Blue Book of Bank Prices®.
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Mail Time Measurement White Paper
An explanation of the factors that can cause differences between mail time as measured by Phoenix-Hecht and mail times observed in a lockbox study.
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